Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
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Please read before submitting a question

The purpose of this site is to submit a PACE Marketing/Compliance question that has not been addressed by available resource guidance documents found on the previous page. Before proceeding, please consult with the current PACE Marketing Guidelines (October 2, 2018). For Technical HPMS questions (e.g., PBP download, plan creation, bid upload), please contact the HPMS Help Desk at 1-800-220-2028call or

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Question Submission

To submit a PACE Marketing/Compliance question, please complete the form below. Additional information (e.g., screen shots, spreadsheets, and documents) may be attached to assist CMS staff in responding to your question. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail as soon as we receive your question. We will do our best to expedite responses via email, but please keep in mind that multiple subject matter experts are generally required to review each question to ensure accurate and complete answers. In addition, your question and answer will be posted on this site so that other organizations may benefit from additional clarification to CMS guidance (information related to the organization submitting the question will be removed).

We are also using this mailbox to collect comments on the recently released Draft PMG. Please use the Excel spreadsheet to capture all comments and use the “attach file” function below to include the comments with your submission. Please include “PMG Comments” in the “issues field.” Do not include actual comments in the “Description” field.

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